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PC Blade Chassis Quick Basic Installation Tutorial


For intermediate to advanced users





The ATXBlade S101 (Formally called RB100 PC Blade) chassis was designed for intermediate to advanced users who are already familiar with 1U server assembly. Assembling a PC blade from the S101 is very similar to assembling a 1U server with only a few minor notes.


1- Starting with an empty S101 PC blade, assemble the handle and attach the thumbscrews (bottom left). Remove the screw that is holding down the non-conductive lining (bottom right).


2- Assemble the motherboard and then install it onto the chassis. Please remember to check the mounting points for proper placement. Use electrical tape to cover any misaligned / unused mounting points underneath the motherboard to prevent the motherboard from short-circuiting with the chassis. Install the hard drive onto the hard drive tray.


3- Remember to check if the power supply switch on the blade chassis is switched to 1 (On).

4- Cable your system and use cable ties to keep everything neat. All of the cables must not exceed the height of the chassis.

The blade installation is finished and you are ready to rack the blade. Its that easy!

Another example of alternate ways of cabling your system.


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